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Project Details

InTheNumber is a new breed of apparel company. Beyond the scope of making great looking clothing and pieces that are both comfortable and sleek, InTheNumber’s mission is to be the catalyst by which communities come together. Wearing a piece of “I’M IN” gear represents membership in the shared goal of neighborhoods joining forces to support and invest in one another.

When SargeSites partnered with InTheNumber we weren’t alone. While we assumed responsibility over site health, reliability, performance, and security, InTheNumber’s own creative and marketing team opted to retain all design and artistic oversight. This split-team approach lead to remarkably productive operations: SargeSites was free to implement new features, functionalities, and workflows on the site while the ITN Marketing team was clear to move quickly and roll out new designs at the same time.

As InTheNumber continues to grow and unite communities across the nation, SargeSites is ensuring the scalability and security of InTheNumber’s digital assets ahead of time. Whether it be securing a user account system, developing a full eCommerce structure, or creating an affiliate / social-media framework, we’re ready to support our partner in their growth and mission.






Website Migration

December  2018


  • Website Migration
  • Increase rendering speed
  • Implement new security measures
  • Automatic influencer integration and portal
  • Custom private E-commerce vendor/wholesale interfaces

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