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Kenston Henderson Sr., founder, and CEO of Live with Lyfe, LLC, is a dedicated life coach, trainer,  facilitator, consultant, educator, motivational speaker, and author. “Live with Lyfe’ s mission is to ignite, equip and empower the champion inside each individual, team, and organization. Services offered by Live with Lyfe include training workshops, life, and business coaching, keynote and motivational speaking.

He needed a site that could reach and grow his audience. We created a home page header with a welcome video embedded within an image. We placed a dynamic picture on the homepage with a quality quote that peaks the interest of visitors to find out more about the consultant. We also have a price list that puts the client in touch with those interested in services. Each of the services has a different top menu to allow relevant information for that particular service to be activated. 

A few months after the completion of his first book, our partnership continued as Kenston desired a landing page to promote this project. We designed a one-page parallax page that allowed visitors to read a short summary of the book, make a purchase, read reviews, connect with other services Kenston offers through Live with Lyfe as well as enter into the rest of the website. 




Small Business/Author

Landing Page/eCommerce Design

August 2016


  • Rebrand that implemented new logo and color scheme
  • Membership Section with Login and separate content
  • Photo Gallery of Recent Events
  • Contact Form

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